February 14, 2019

Plumbing leaks such as interior, exterior, and slab leaks are unfortunately very common in residential homes. As a result, a small leak can lead to high water bills and water damage if left undetected and unresolved such as mold, rot and termites. 

A single leak can destroy your drywall, paint, flooring and even the furniture. It’s important to isolate the source and repair the leak as quickly as possible, otherwise the repair costs will start to add up quickly and become incredibly expensive.

The only way to stop leaks and prevent any damage to your home is to always hire a professional, licensed and certified plumbing technician from Amazing Plumbing and Rooter. Our plumbers are able to effectively repair and prevent the leak from returning and ensuring maximum protection for your home. 

If the pipes in your house are worn, broken or corroded, simply repairing the leak should not be considered a permanent solution, as it will result in additional stress on weaker areas in your plumbing system. For a long term result, we recommend whole-house repiping to avoid this crisis from plaguing your home again.


March 15, 2019

Minor household plumbing leaks can usually be managed with little damage by simply shutting off the water supply to individual fixtures. But if you're suddenly having a major plumbing emergency, you will need to shut off the water supply to your entire home, and fast! This is why it's critical that you know how to locate your main water shut off valve.

First you need to find the main water shut off valve. For most homes, the main shut off valve is located near the front foundation wall in your basement. If you don’t have a basement, you may find it in a crawl space, utility room, maybe near your water heater, or even under your kitchen sink. Here is a quick tip: You can usually find it within a few feet of where the main water supply enters your home. It will either have a lever handle or a round wheel-shaped handle. Turn it all the way to the right to shut it off and prevent flooding or serious water damage.

If you ever notice pooling water, flooding, or water leaking from an unknown source, these are signs of a plumbing emergency. You’ll need to shut the water off to your home right away and then call a licensed plumber help locate the leak. It’s even a good idea to shut the water off when you’re going on a long vacation, preventing any plumbing issues while you’re out of town!

So if you have questions about locating your main shut off valve or need help with an already existing plumbing leak in your home, contact us right away! We provide the services you need to ensure the water in your home is flowing only where it should.